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Middle school students with the University of Minnesota's Urban 4-H Youth Development—a UROC-based resident program—tackle the curious behavior of crows in winter

Middle school students with the University of Minnesota's Urban 4-H Youth Development—a UROC-based resident program—tackle the curious behavior of crows in winter
Middle school students tackle the curious behavior of crows

This fall the University of Minnesota Extension's Urban 4-H Youth Development, a UROC-based program, worked with the North Minneapolis's Urban Birding 4-H Club to examine the behavior of birds in winter. Club members Arafat Ahmed, Jasmine Salter, Ariauna Smith, and Leensa Ahmed (pictured in photo left to right) focused on the fascinating behavior of urban crows as part of an inquiry-based science project...Continue Reading

Associate professor of Social Work Ross VeLure Roholt works with young people interested in community development at UROC-Kwanzaa Community Church’s after-school 21st Century Academy program

School of Social Work Associate Professor Ross VeLure Roholt and staffers of the UROC-Kwanzaa Community Church

Listen up adults: If you want young people to become active, eager contributors to their communities, one of the first things you need to do is figure out who you have to be in order to help them do that. Ross VeLure Roholt, an associate professor in the University’s School of Social Work in the College of Education and Human Development learned that early in his career while working with youth.

Over the last decade, he’s made youth civic engagement the focus of his work. “I’m particularly interested in understanding how we can best work with young people in organized and supportive ways that invite their contributions to community development,”...Continue Reading

Hear from local artist Terry Williams about UROC partner University of Minnesota Extension's Urban 4-H program.

Hear from local artist Terry Williams about UROC partner University of Minnesota Extension's Urban 4-H program.

Hear from local artist Terry Williams about UROC partner University of Minnesota Extension's Urban 4-H program. Watch the video...

Talking, listening and building trust: University researcher Megan Gunnar on UROC’s Trauma Recovery Project

Dr. Megan Gunnar Standing by ICD Wall

Insightful conversation is known for sparking positive change. So it seems fitting that the Trauma Recovery Project, launched last spring by the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC), hinges on conversations with North Minneapolis residents and faith leaders, community-based professionals and University scholars.

Topics being discussed by the participating workgroups include individual and community trauma, faith and healing, and the goal is to create a strategy for creating positive change in the lives of families and the Northside community as a whole. Topping the list of project priorities is the need to better understand how trauma affects children and find ways to reduce and prevent...Continue Reading

Research is the engine behind the UROC's Northside Job Creation Team

Team lead Bill English with UROC executive director Heidi Barajas

Research—rather than corporate goodwill or social responsibility—is the engine behind the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach Engagement Center’s (UROC) Northside Job Creation Team (NJCT), a University/community partnership committed to bringing 1,000 sustainable wage jobs to North Minneapolis by 2018.

Sparked by a North Minneapolis job summit with Governor Mark Dayton held at UROC in 2010, the NJCT grew out of years of legwork by members of the...Continue Reading

Student tutors in Prepare2Nspire's math program equal success

Jasmine Hardin Working with a Student Tutor

Jasmine Hardin, a senior in the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts, and Sheng Yang, a junior in St. Paul’s Agape High School, are student tutors in the Prepare2Nspire math program based at UROC. 

The University of Minnesota STEM Education Center’s Prepare2Nspire tutoring program incorporates cutting-edge graphing calculator technology and old-fashion, face-to-face interaction to inspire eleventh and eighth- grade students to...Continue Reading

UROC contributes research expertise to Northside Achievement Zone's $28 million Promise Neighborhood Project

UROC is leading the data collection for a community survey on behalf of Minneapolis-based Northside Achievement Zone’s (NAZ) Promise Neighborhood project.  The project is the result of a $28 million U.S. Department of Education Promise Neighborhood Implementation Grant for NAZ to dramatically scale up its "cradle to career" strategy...Continue Reading

Engaged Scholarship Makes for Real-time Results

Brian Lozenski standing in front of trees and a foot path

UROC engaged scholar and Ph.D. candidate Brian Lozenski challenges African American and African youth to think critically about the achievement gap.

Brian Lozenski finds the notion that research can only be done at universities by academics troubling.  “Often, it’s the people we are actually studying who are in the best position to be doing the research,”...Continue Reading

It Takes a Community

Rev. Mpho Tutu, Naomi Tutu, and Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe

South Africa's Tutu Sisters featured at UMN UROC Critical Conversation on trauma and healing.

Trauma is not unique to urban communities. But it is often a part of life there because the strains and struggles of everyday life are compounded by the ongoing stress of things like poverty and violence. This is the case in much of North Minneapolis where foreclosures, rising homicide rates and a devastating tornado in 2011 have left people reeling and traumatized...Continue Reading

UROC researcher Lauren Martin is working to put an end to sex trafficking in Minneapolis

Hidden issues are difficult to solve. That’s why the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC) is hosting a series of public discussions to raise awareness about the growing problem of sex trafficking and prostitution in the Twin Cities...Continue Reading

UROC serves as a bridge for scholars to Minneapolis' north side

An urban farm, community-based legal services and a pen pal collaboration between Northside Minneapolis high school students and University of Minnesota undergraduates are just a few of the public engagement projects discussed at this year’s Northside Faculty Development Workshop organized by the University’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center...Continue Reading

Endless Possibilities

Photo: Salvador Patino

In the large, rectangular painting above Salvador Patino’s desk, the sun bakes down on a group of Latinos harvesting rows of melons and loading them into trucks. Slightly encroached upon by the tops of the computers perched on desks that line the wall, the painting might strike some as out of place in a room where technology reigns. But Patino doesn’t see it that way...Continue Reading

Opening health-care doors in urban communities

Urban Scrubs Camp


Scrubs kids

Sixty high school students from the Twin Cities spent five days last summer getting an up-close-and-personal introduction to a wide variety of health care jobs. They were part of the Urban Scrubs Camp, a five-day career development experience facilitated in part by the University of Minnesota Urban Area Health Education Center...Continue Reading

Closing the achievement gap

Research-based projects target literacy, school success in urban communities


Scott McConnell and colleagues

Every fall, thousands of children throughout the Twin Cities enter kindergarten, signaling the start of long and—everyone hopes—successful educational careers. But as Scott McConnell knows, their success to some degree can be determined before they even walk through the school doors for the first time...Continue Reading

Access and opportunity for all

Broadband Access Project labs making a difference across Minneapolis and St. Paul

Nobody likes to admit, particularly to a stranger, that they don’t know how to do something. So it took Anisha Sapho quite a while to get people to even come into a Broadband Access Project (BAP) computer lab in North Minneapolis...Continue Reading


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