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University-Northside Partnership

What is UNP?

The University Northside Partnership (UNP) formally began in 2005 after a community vote that convened an alliance of Northside communities, the university, Hennepin County, and the city of Minneapolis to work together to resolve some of the many challenges facing residents on the north side of Minneapolis. The UNP focuses on the community-identified issues of education, health and wellness, and community and economic development. A Community Affair Committee (CAC) meets monthly and serves as the operational arm of the UNP. At CAC meetings, interested participants discuss potential strategies for using research and developing partnerships to address these issues. In addition, work groups of residents, faculty, and other city and county representatives have formed using participatory action research.

What is the goal of this program?

To facilitate the creation of partnerships between the community and the university and other interested sectors to enhance the quality of life in North Minneapolis, to monitor and advise UNP partners on the effects and impact of community engagement and community-based research, and to establish a dialogue among UNP partners to foster community development.

Who are the community partners?

Beyond the initial community organizations that supported the establishment of the UNP— NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Coalition of Black Churches/African American Leadership Summit, Northside Residents Redevelopment Council, Northway Community Trust, and Phyllis Wheatley Community Center—many other community organizations, businesses, city and county employees, and residents have actively participated as partners. CAC is co-chaired by a community resident and the UNP-UROC community liaison. Minutes and briefs are available.

What are some of the benefits of UNP to the community?

  • A monthly forum to discuss important issues and challenges facing the Northside with UNP partners
  • Access to information about technical assistance, expertise, current or future community-based research, and community support available through UNP partners
  • An opportunity to form new or strengthen existing collaborations aimed at making positive change on the Northside


Makeda Zulu-Gillespie
UROC/UNP community coordinator