UROC Community Day set for 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday, September 20

UROC's annual open house event is themed Celebrating Place and will honor North Minneapolis' vibrant history and cultural assets through a wide variety of free, family-friendly, and fun activities, displays, and programs. Record a mini-oral history of your personal Plymouth Avenue stories; find your roots in a interactive family tree; enjoy a Northside Slow Roll Bike Demo with bicycling activist Anthony Taylor; get a sneak peek at the Minnesota Design Center’s student-led design projects for North Minneapolis; participate in UROC’s Neighborhood U offerings; and take a trip down memory lane by sampling dishes inspired by Plymouth Avenue’s gone-but-not-forgotten Lucille’s Kitchen.  Artist Krista Beier, an experienced mandala maker, will invite guests to help create, cook, and consume an edible mandala while engaging in discussions about well-being. Learn more about the mandala project here.
UROC Community Day is free and open to the public.