About the Artist

Sarah Sampedro is a Minneapolis-based photographer interested in social systems, relationships, community, and belonging. Her interest lies in revealing some of the hidden factors that construct social relationships: she has photographed her Minneapolis neighborhood in the midst of an argument over historic designation and gentrification, created a multi-media installation using racially restrictive real estate contracts from Hennepin County, and traveled across Europe to research and photograph border walls. Sarah was 2011/12 recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, 2018 recipient of the University of Minnesota Berlin Artist Residency, 2019 recipient of the Picture Berlin Artist Residency, chaired the Minneapolis Art Commission, and sat on the Minneapolis Public Arts Advisory Panel. She holds an MFA in Photography and Moving Images from the University of Minnesota and currently teaches at Upper Iowa University and the University of Minnesota.

Lauren Martin, Artika Roller, and Reverend Alika Galloway stand by trees outside the UROC building
Jessica Forrester and Lesa Clarkson stand outside the UROC building
Karl Hakanson and Michael Chaney pose with gardening tools outside the UROC building
Christopheraaron Deanes and Hawona Sullivan Janzen stand next to a brick wall
Yoli Chambers, Silvia Alvarez de Davila, and Javiera Monardez-Popelka stand outside the UROC building
Jessica Forrester, Velma Nelson-Thomas, Johneva Davis, Sylvia Mwangi, and Karina Carlson stand next to a brick wall
Thelma Daniels sits on a bench with Sem Lafleur standing behind
Eva Garcia, Mychi Nguyen, Savannah McCullough, Shaunassey Johnson, Amina Smaller, and Abby Rombalski pose for a photo
Mary Ann Schoenberger, Lois Gildea, Lavelle Warfield, Siobhan McMahon, and Laura Campbell stand by trees and the UROC building
Rebecca Polston and Rachel Hardeman pose in front of a brick wall