Engaged Research Projects

A significant part of the work being done at UROC involves research centered on issues and challenges that face North Minneapolis residents. The research is conducted with the resources of the University and the knowledge and assets of the community.

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Critical Conversations

UROC’s Critical Conversations is a series of public discussions about urban issues and ideas. It brings together scholars, activists, historians, artists, and community leaders as a "gathering place" for urban-focused research, dialogue, and cultural events.

Equity in Banking and Lending

Building a collaborative to document existing barriers and begin to advocate for system changes to impact disparities. Humphrey students conducted a community engagement process with stakeholders, as well as identified potential research areas for future teams that are reflective of the data gathered through engagement and informed through best practices throughout the nation. A Critical Conversation on this topic was held in the fall of 2021.

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Northside Job Creation Team

The Northside Job Creation Team set a goal of attracting 1,000 jobs to North Minneapolis by 2019. The team uses research to identify businesses that match the employee profile of North Minneapolis and develops partnerships to encourage businesses to relocate or expand here.

UROC Research Agenda

Launched in September of 2020, the UROC Research Agenda is a framework for addressing themes that community members and University of Minnesota researchers and practitioners identified as being critical to a thriving North Minneapolis and Twin Cities urban core. The agenda and its companion RFP aim to stimulate and guide collaborative research and advance the University's public engagement agenda in three topic areas—individual and community healing; systems and systemic racism; and individual, family, and community financial well-being—while improving outcomes through robust, long-term University-community partnerships geared toward making meaningful change.