UROC Research Agenda Award Project

Launched in September of 2020, the UROC Research Agenda Award Project is a model of engagement for addressing themes supporting UROC's original mission that community members and University of Minnesota researchers and practitioners identified as being critical to a thriving North Minneapolis and Twin Cities urban core. The agenda and its companion RFP aim to stimulate and guide collaborative research in the three following areas: individual and community healing; systems and systemic racism; and individual, family, and community financial well-being.

2023 UROC Research Agenda Grant Awardees

Cookie Cart Reimagined: A Northside Youth-led Participatory Evaluation. Principal Investigator: College of Education and Human Development Assistant Professor Nathaniel Stewart.

The UROC Place-keeping Food Hub: Fostering a Reparative Food System Through the Power of Memory. Principal Investigator: Humphrey School of Public Affairs Assistant Professor and University of Minnesota Extension Assistant Professor Fernando Burga.
Understanding the Relationship Between Systemic Racism and Sedentary Behavior in Black Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes. Principal Investigator: School of Nursing Assistant Professor Mary Whippel.

2022 UROC Research Agenda Grant Awardees

Cultural Adaptation of Trauma Systems Therapy for Elementary School Aged Latine Immigrant Youth
This College of Education and Human Development project builds on the Collaborative for Immigrant and Refugee Children’s Leadership and Excellence/CIRCLE Project that began in October 2021 to implement Trauma Systems Therapy for Refugees, an evidence-based multi-tiered, culturally responsive intervention aimed at promoting resilience of immigrant and refugee youth in Minneapolis Public Schools. Principal investigator: Saida Abdi, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, College of Education and Human Development. 

Investing With North Minneapolis
This College of Design project engages the community in developing grassroots urban designs. It leverages the work of University of Minnesota students and the college's Black Environmental Initiative interns to make design proposals that build on existing assets, identify missing assets, and propose desired changes in the environment. Principal investigator: Julia Williams Robinson, Professor, School of Architecture, College of Design. Learn more. 

RIDGS Ethnic Studies Initiative
The RIDGS Ethnic Studies Initiative is an ongoing series of programs run by the University’s Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. A current priority of the initiative is to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of one of the most advanced Ethnic Studies Programs in the state, St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS). Principal investigator: Keith Mayes, Associate Professor, Department of African American and African Studies, College of Liberal Arts. 

2021 UROC Research Agenda Grant Awardees

Is Fast Food Here Because We Want It, or Do We Want It Because It’s Here?
This project aims to investigate the history of urban planning policies and land use designations prioritizing fast food destinations, auto dependency, and a lack of access to fresh foods. In addition, the project hopes to inspect the food justice principles and their application to evaluative tools. Principle investigator: Humphrey School of Public affairs Assistant Professor Fernando Burga.

Collaboration for Resilient Kids and Families in Minnesota
This project seeks to provide both culturally relevant mental health services and improve the school climate for refugee and immigrant youth and families through extensive community engagement and strengths-based education. The key goal of the project is to extend the model to all Minneapolis public schools by the end of 2027. Principal investigator: College of Education and Human Development Assistant Professor Saida Abdi.

Bridges and Connectors: Networking for Anti-Racist Navigation in Education
This project intends to develop an infrastructure as a compass to counter systemic racism. This study draws on the supportive connections between communities to enhance network collaborations to mobilize anti-racist agendas and sustain/retain current and future teachers of color. Principal investigators: Assistant Professor Stefanie Marshall and Lecturer Abigail Rombalski.

2020 UROC Research Agenda Grant Awardees

eHEAT Dataset-based Support Tool for Energy Assistance Implementation in Minnesota
This project will create tools for community-based organizations to identify needs, allocate scarce resources, implement effective outreach in networks of local actors, and provide support for the neediest families and communities. Principal investigator: Science, Technology and Environmental Policy Assistant Professor Gabriel Chan, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, in partnership with Minnesota Department of Commerce and the Minnesota Community Action Partnership.

Linking Historical Trauma, Ambiguous Loss, and Financial Decision-Making Among African American Families

This research project aims to address economic disparities with a focus on African American families in the Northside community and provides training to help improve their financial well-being. The study hopes to alleviate financial traumas experienced by African Americans.Principal investigator: Family Social Science Professor Chalandra Bryant, College of Education and Human Development, in partnership with University of Minnesota Extension.

Operationalizing and Measuring Structural Racism in Minnesota
This part of the University's broader Multidimensional Measure of Structural Racism project will focus on exploring the measurement of the impact of structural racism in urban communities and also document the ways that Black communities have been and are currently systemically disenfranchised. Principal investigator: Health Policy and Management Associate Professor Rachel Hardeman, School of Public Health, in partnership with local North Minneapolis health care and clinic-based providers.