UROC Projects and Programs

These are projects and programs initiated and led by UROC staff in partnership with community members.

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Critical Conversation Series

UROC Critical Conversations is a series of public discussions that bring together scholars, activists, historians, artists, and community leaders who address urban issues and ideas. Building on UROC's many campus-community collaborations, the series is intended as a "gathering place" for urban-focused research, dialogue, and cultural events.

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Josie R. Johnson UROC Engaged Dissertation Fellows

UROC provides support for a co-hort of doctoral students who use engagement as part of their practice.

Leadership Minor

The Leadership Minor students from the U of M work with the Seeds to Harvest collaborative to support their work by assisting with communication and administrative tasks, as well as taking some leadership roles on specific short term projects.

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NJCT Northside Job Creation Team

The NJCT and its partners have created over 1,000 living wage jobs in or near North Minneapolis since its creation. We're now looking at what shape the NJCT should take going forward, if there should be a change in its mission, and whether it should sunset with the retirement of its community project director.

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Sex Trafficking and Community Well-being Initiative

UROC's ongoing Sex Trading, Trafficking and Community Well-Being Initiative is an academic-based initiative on the forefront of tackling the problems related to sex trading and sex trafficking through collaborative research designed to impact practice and spur action. The initiative focuses on the problem at large, as well as how North Minneapolis and other communities can take action to end sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Minnesota.

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The Plymouth Penn Partnership - P3

The Penn Plymouth Partnership seeks to catalyze new investments in the people, places, and institutions around the Penn/Plymouth intersection.

University Northside Partnership- Community Affairs Leadership Council

This is a mechanism for consistent in person communication of UROC research/outreach - engagement.

UROC Project Documentation

A Major part of UROC’s mission and budget is dedicated to providing an environment for initiating and nurturing collaborative work between many different parts of the University and North Minneapolis community. This involves operating an efficient and welcoming facility for both large and small projects, and may involve providing advice and support on strategies for engaging residents.

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YoUthROC is a community and University-connected youth research team working virtually and out of UROC in North Minneapolis. The team supports the growth of Youth-led Participatory Action Research (YPAR) and is committed to youth, kinship, and social action, especially with racial justice in education. YoUthROC centers Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) youth and other marginalized communities. YoUthROC’s 2020 project asked, “In an uprising, how do youth move?” Using that research, the team is developing a curriculum about youth in social movements. Connect with us on Instagram: @youthroc.umn

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