UROC Projects and Programs

These are projects and programs initiated and led by UROC staff in partnership with community members.

Projects are coded according to the following UROC research areas:
*  Economic & Community Development
^  Education & Lifelong Learning
≈  Health & Wellness

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Black Family Business Success*

An initiative focused on an annual panel discussion and focused group conversations for and about black-owned businesses creating multigenerational success.

UROC Research Area: Economic and Community Development

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Critical Conversation Series*^≈

UROC Critical Conversations is a series of public discussions that bring together scholars, activists, historians, artists, and community leaders who address urban issues and ideas. Building on UROC's many University-community collaborations, the series is intended as a "gathering place" for urban-focused research, dialogue, and cultural events.

UROC Research Areas: Economic & Community Development | Health & Wellness | Education & Lifelong Learning

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Northside Job Creation Team*

The Northside Job Creation Team (NJCT) is a collaboration representing some of the major stakeholders in North Minneapolis to build an active collaborative that will provide the leadership for the research and analyses of high potential job creation opportunities. The NJCT relies on research to engage stakeholders in the development of jobs based in North Minneapolis that offer livable wages, benefits, and are environmentally sound.

UROC Research Area: Economic & Community Development

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Rural Urban Connections: Opioids≈

Composed of a collaboration of agencies and organizations from across Minnesota, the Rural Urban Connections: Opioids project team is currently developing ways that communities in Minnesota can work together to address the opioid epidemic.  In December 2023, UROC hosted a Critical Conversation based on the work of the team and the idea that rural, suburban, and urban communities share many of the same assets and challenges, even though the context and geography might be different. 

UROC Research Area: Health & Wellness

The rich conversations developed as a part of this project are continuing through the University of Minnesota Extension's Department of Community Development


UROC Research Agenda*^≈

The UROC Research Agenda is a framework for addressing three themes that community members of North Minneapolis, practitioners, and University of Minnesota researchers identified as critical to a thriving Twin Cities urban core. Research Agenda priority areas are community healing and wholeness; systems and systemic racism; and individual, family, and community financial wellbeing.

UROC Research Areas: Economic & Community Development | Health & Wellness | Education & Lifelong Learning

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