UROC seeks Administrative Services Manager

The University of Minnesota Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center is hiring for a full time Administrative Services Manager to provide leadership in the operation of the UROC building, support and oversight for operations staff and students, both undergraduate and graduate, with administrative appointments, and to continue UROC’s mission-driven work related to internal and external contracts and vendors. 

The position reports to the University's Vice Provost for Public Engagemen, and is expected to take leadership and responsibility for executing the work scope independently, as well as work on the part of the UROC directors team overseeing the research and community partnership areas. 

The position promotes and sustains community-engaged work at UROC and in the community through transparent and thoughtful operation and care of the UROC building and welcomes communities to participate in building activities. The Administrative Services Manager builds partnerships with local vendors and community organizations to ensure that UROC is part of the neighborhood community.

For complete details, visit the University's job site; Job ID # 359744