Ready Steady

(From L to R) Mary Ann Schoenberger (Community Education Program Specialist, Minneapolis Community Education), Lois Gildea (Research Nurse, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota), Lavelle Warfield (Community Coordinator, North Market, Pillsbury United Communities), Siobhan McMahon (Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota), Laura Campbell (ACCESS Coordinator, Minneapolis Community Education)

The University’s Ready Steady partnership focuses on facilitating learning experiences that promote health and wellness among North Minneapolis adults. The team partners to coordinate community gatherings at North Market, in which adults share and learn about health topics important to them. The partners chose fruits and vegetables to symbolize their work: while produce is a vital part of a healthy diet, no single fruit or vegetable can provide all the essential nutrients. Similarly, no single person can provide all the talent required to make Ready Steady’s gatherings the positive, collaborative learning experiences they’ve become.